Spice up your deck with these cool materials!


Decking materials have evolved in so many exciting ways in recent years.  One of which is the arrival of Bamboo decking.  There are several different kinds on the market.  Each has its own great characteristics.  Some of those characteristics include extreme strength and lightweight properties.  Solid Bamboo decking boards are made up of bamboo strips bonded together under high pressure.

This high density compressed Bamboo deck board is denser than Brazilian Walnut(IPE). The technical specs are quite impressive. Bamboo deck boards have a Brinell Hardness score of ≥ 9.5 kg/mm.  Compared to Brazilian Walnut(IPE), whose hardness score is ≥ 5.8 kg/mm.  You can see how hard bamboo decking is.  It is also much lighter in weight, sustainable and beautiful.  This deck board gives you the eye-catching look of natural bamboo.  A look you can enjoy it with friends and family.

The next type is a hybrid composite bamboo deck board that is made up of 60% reclaimed bamboo fibers and 40% recycled HDPE plastics. So it is a really great product in function and it’s great for the environment too.  It offers low maintenance for long deck life.  With this style of bamboo composite deck board, you get the combined advantages of the strength of the bamboo fibers and the non-rot properties of the HDPE recycled plastic which bonds it all together.  This product is low maintenance offering functionality and durability in one deck board.  Composite bamboo decking also comes with a 25year warranty!

Let’s keep your imagination wondering as we move onto railing systems.  Over the years we have installed many different types of railings.  Each suited to our client’s individual needs.  For example, many of our clients love the lake.  They asked for a railing system that complements their view.   We suggested a nautical theme for their deck.  This entailed a stainless-steel cable railing system.  These cable railing systems were inspired by sailing yachts.  They offer great visibility of the lake and complement lakefront living beautifully!  Stainless steel adds a more modern feel to the deck with the benefits of is it’s rust resistance attributes.

Another railing system for the highest visibility is glass. Glass railing systems maximizes your porch view. Glass railing also has great functionality. It works very well to safely keep kids and pets on the deck, allowing them to enjoy the great view as well. The glass is manufactured from a high strength tempered glass. This ensures your glass deck railing will be very strong and impact resistant. Another feature that solid glass railing offer is it’s wind-breaking ability. This can be great if you have a lot of wind coming off the lake for instance. This glass railing system offers a little more design element to it as well as allowing better airflow around the deck.

Wrought iron railing systems are very contemporary and offer an elegance that is very attractive and durable.  We have a designer who will custom forge a wrought iron railing system just for you!  We are sure you will love a one of a kind railing everyone will be talking about! So let your imagination come to life.  Here are just a few examples.

Now if you really want to take your dream deck to the next level you have to add lightning.  There are so many choices now with LED lighting, rope lighting and even fiber optic lighting!  We would love to help guide you through the thousands of choices to find the perfect ambiance for your tailor made deck.  Lighting really brings your deck to the next level.  Just imagine setting the mood with the changing colors of the LED lights.  Or just adding functionality of lighting up your stairs.  Lighting which will give you and your guests safe, fun experience.