Waterproof decking system

Have you ever wondered about a waterproof decking system?  A decking system you can enjoy for life!  Well, we have the perfect system for you!   With a wide variety of colors, you are sure to find the perfect one. This patented waterproof decking system completely eliminates leaks with its simple design. It also uses a hidden fastener system which conceals the screws below the deck surface, making your deck safer.  Once installed your decking will never need staining again.  Now imagine this amazing deck system complementing your beautiful home!

Here you can see the profile of the waterproof deck system.  Each deck board interlocks to form a watertight flooring system.

Some color samples offered in the waterproof decking system.

The composite waterproof boards locking up together.

Here are some colors samples of regular composite decking to choose from.

So now you have seen what we can do to waterproofing your deck. Lets go under the the surface of the deck boards to the heart of the deck…the framing members. If you really stop and think about it, you have a composite deck board with a 25year warranty, sitting on top of a wooden frame that has about a 10-15year life expectancy. Wood has additional weakness too. Weakness that over time will affect your beautiful premium compost decking. Such as shrinking, warping and even rotting, leaving you with a deck needing replacement much sooner than you expected. So that extra money you spent on the non-rot deck boards will only last as long as the wood under it! So the 25 year warranty of your deck boards is cut in half of what it was designed for. So you may be thinking…what else is there? I am glad you asked, because we have got a the perfect answer for your deck. We offer a galvanized steel framing system that will complement your composite decking boards perfectly. The steel joist and all the framing members are coated for maximum protection and durability. With a steel framing system your deck will be much stronger, straighter and safer. Not to mention it will give you that new deck feel long after installation is completed. So lets see how it works.

Below you can see the triple coated steel for maximum durability

Here you can see how sturdy steel framing is.

The joists use interlocking braces for extra rigidity.

Steel framing gives a level and uniform deck framing.

Here you can see the deck boards going over the steel framing.

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