So you have seen all the different things we can do for you and your deck.  Now let us share a little about ourselves and what we are all about.  We are a small company and we like it like that.  We have been in the construction industry for over 18 years now.  So you can tell we really like building things.  We love creating one of a kind decks that don’t always fit the mold.  So we are always up for a challenge!  There is always a much greater reward when you have worked hard to accomplish something.  One of the reasons why we like being a small company is that we get to know our clients very well, as well as our employees.  This makes communicating your ideas much simpler.  You have a direct line right to the top of the company every day!  If you need to ask a question you don’t even have to pick up the phone.  As a designer deck building company, the two major differences between us and the rest is this.  First things first are our clients always come first!  From the first contact until the last handshake, we want our clients to be exceptionally happy with every aspect of the project.  Secondly, we are not seeking to do as many decks as possible in the shortest space of time.  Rather we are selective in catering to those clients who want a truly unique deck.  Not to mention a deck building experience that is uncommon in the construction business.  So with these two main driving forces, we want to offer you a deck building experience that is unmatched.  An experience that will leave you on cloud nine as your hammock sways in the breeze, over your piece of heaven delivered in the shape of a deck!  So what are you waiting for? Your designer deck is already waiting for you!  Give us a call to see what is in store for you!